We create beautiful and eye-catching Three dimensional carved signs, with letters & art elevated (raised and bas-relief) or engraved (e.g., incised, bas-relief recessed, V-carved) into the sign. Our signs range from very simple, inexpensive sandblasted or routed text signs to more expensive signs with complex art, construction, and high-end materials. We make our signs and plaques from wood (Redwood, Cedar, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry, Oak and other hardwoods, and vintage barnwood); synthetic wood equivalents and plastics (High Density Urethane (HDU) , acrylic, glass); metals (aluminum, iron); metal coated HDU (bronze, brass, copper, nickel-silver, stainless steel, aluminum, and antique iron); and gold , silver and copper leaf gilded wood or HDU

We use advanced computerized design, computer-controlled carving, routing and cutting , 3D bas-relief carving, computer-controlled laser engraving and plasma cutting (for metal); hand-carving; multi-level sandblasting; polishing and burnishing; and cut-out and stand-off letters & art appliques to achieve 3D effects. We make dimensional and carved plaques and signs which are then hand-painted with colorful enamels, and/or stained and clear-coated (wood only), and/or gold-or silver leaf gilded, and/or metal coated (bronze, brass, copper, silver-nickel, antique iron). We can also add a digitally-printed vinyl applique for photos or detailed art onto a carved signs, We have a unique capability for combining various artistic techniques, manufacturing technologies, and materials into a single sign.

We make indoor and outdoor dimensional signs  for both residences and businesses, in sizes from 6 inches to 20 feet wide. We have a wide variety of designs; we can make almost any design, any shape, any font style, any color scheme, any logo/ emblem/ art, and we design and build custom carved 3D bas-relief designs that most sign shops cannot or will not make. Our craftsmen are the best, and we guarantee customer satisfaction on every sign.